Zurich Airport celebrates 50 years


Zurich Airport celebrated its 50th birthday on 23 August 1998. Visitors were able to get an insight into the fascinating everyday life of the airport. The highlight of the celebratory event was the top-flight aircraft exhibition that included rare models from across the globe, such as the Constellation (involved in the Berlin Airlift), the Air France Concorde, the Beluga (the huge Airbus transport aircraft), the double-decker Dragon Rapide and aeroplanes from the latest Airbus generation. Round trips of the airport and guided tours provided a glimpse behind the scenes, into luggage sorting, freight transport and docking systems etc. Over fifty special vehicles, including those used for de-icing and fire fighting were also on view. A variety of stands manned by around 600 airport staff ensured that visitors found plenty of opportunity to refuel. Visitors were reminded to travel to the airport by public transport as parking was only available for air-travel passengers. Detailed information on the event was published in advance in the free airport magazine Zurich Airport. Admission was 20 Swiss francs for adults and 10 for children.

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