Windows, Old and New


Windows of all shapes and sizes, and from different countries and periods of history, are the subject of the free photos in this edition of the pictures-newsletter. The word ‘window’ comes from the Old Norse vind + auga (literally ‘wind eye’), which is exactly what the earliest windows were: an opening in the ‘face’ of a hut which let light in, enabled the inhabitants to see out, but also let in the wind.

The technique of making glass from white silica sand was not widely known in Europe until the first century BC, although it had been used in the Bronze Age for making beads and other decorative items, and had been known to the Chinese centuries earlier. Before that date, windows were covered with thin hide or cloth stretched over the opening, or in some countries paper or even thinly sliced marble. All of these methods must have been unsatisfactory from the point of view of the amount of light they obscured, and the weather they let into the dwelling. The earliest windows using what we would call glass today were constructed from small pieces of translucent glass held together by lead strips. Although the most luxurious Roman villas had begun to use glass in their windows, it wasn’t common in ordinary people’s houses in Europe until the 17th century. In England, a tax on windows was first introduced in 1696 and not withdrawn until 1851, in spite of the fact that it was regarded as a tax on health, because it encouraged people to block up their access to light and fresh air to avoid the tax.

Even when windows weren’t taxed and glass-making had been improved, windows continued to be a problem, because they allowed heat to be lost from the building and were vulnerable to entry by thieves. ‘Double glazing’, the technique of mounting two sheets of glass in a frame with a vacuum between them, both reduced the energy lost and made windows more secure. It was perfected in America in the 1930s, but was only used on the most expensive houses until UPVC systems devised in Germany made replacement cheaper in the 1980s. In the late 20th century the most energy conscious nations in Europe and particularly Scandinavia began the introduction of triple glazed doors and windows. Modern windows are filled with argon or krypton gas, which reduces energy loss, and ‘Low-E glazing’ has a surface coating which can filter out up to 70% of heat loss, while not restricting the passage of light.

The huge variety of window shapes and styles in my free pictures shows the range that became available to architects as glass technology developed. Mullioned windows allowed large windows to be created using smaller pieces of glass, and the invention of float glass by Alastair Pilkington, and toughened glass in the 20th century enabled the use of floor to ceiling windows and doors made entirely of glass. The steel frame and glass building became possible and allowed the construction of ‘sky scrapers’, which brought its own problem of cleaning the window surface, solved first by window cleaners working in suspended cradles, then by the invention of ‘self-cleaning’ glass. As glass became more varied and flexible, architects began to use windows as decoration, as many of the pictures show. It is often possible to date buildings from the style of their windows, and householders add window boxes and other decoration to beautify and individualise this now universal, but still developing, architectural feature.

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