Weggis welcomes Brazil’s World Cup Squad


Picturesque Weggis (pronounced veckis) is situated on the shores of lovely Lake Lucerne, in the heart of Central Switzerland, altitude 435m. It is easily reached by road or lake steamer from Lucerne. The lakeside promenade with its glorious gardens runs for several kilometres - superb for relaxing strolls. Thanks to the sheltered location and mild climate, palm trees and fig trees flourish and provide an almost Mediterranean ambience. 
From Weggis you can enjoy excursions galore, by boat, bus rail or cableway. From nautical nostalgia aboard a paddle steamer on the emerald waters of the lake to a rotating aerial cable car up to a glistening glacier. And Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains offer unlimited options for sports addicts.

Weggis is also steeped in history – the tower of the parish church dates from 1200. But it was towards the end of the 19th century that Weggis became world-famous. In 1871, Europe’s first cogwheel railway was built from nearby Vitznau up to Mount Rigi– a 1200 metre ascent. Queen Victoria, Prime Minister Lloyd George and Mark Twain are among the many famous guests to visit Weggis.

Some other famous faces will soon be seen in Weggis – the Brazilian football team, reigning Football World Champions set up their 2006 World Cup training camp in Weggis from 22 May to 4 June. After considering over 40 international offers, the Brazilians decided that the five-star Park Hotel Weggis would offer them calmness, comfort and security. Plus of course nearby fine training facilities for coach Carlos Parreira to get his squad into top shape for the World Cup in Germany - kick-off 9 June.

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