Wall art


Decorating walls with pictures is nothing new and has been practised for centuries. The earliest known European cave paintings have been dated as over 30,000 years old. Their purpose is uncertain: they were probably not merely decorative but possibly for communication purposes or religious ceremonies. More recent wall art – or rather ceiling art – and arguably the most famous is Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”, the vast fresco created between 1508 and 1512 on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City.

The wall art shown here is not as mysterious as cave paintings nor as famous, extensive or ornate as Michelangelo’s masterpiece, nor are they all painted directly on walls. Nevertheless they all serve to brighten up our day, to make dull walls more interesting and appealing and in some cases impart a useful message.

sheepherder-vz3.jpg (97673 Byte) children-wall-nj5h.jpg (255962 Byte) coffe-croissant.jpg (179772 Byte) free photo fruits-wall-zgt2.jpg (112986 Byte)
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wall-sign-z3e.jpg (138529 Byte) welcome-7bh2.jpg (123640 Byte) wall-deco-6bn1.jpg (232200 Byte) stock photo bike-art-7nw.jpg (154963 Byte)
wall-z5v2.jpg (158023 Byte) wall-art-n7d.jpg (111070 Byte) free image house-art-zv3.jpg (131560 Byte) rainbow wall-painting-d4x.jpg (114173 Byte)
wall-art-n6b.jpg (115309 Byte) wall-art-e0v.jpg (103789 Byte) wall-sculpture-5t1.jpg (107135 Byte) hands-wall
wall-art musician wall dancing couple zum Storch
bird twig wall-art-u3bv.jpg fish-wall-z4vq.jpg (180403 Byte) wall-art-4xa1.jpg
butterfly photo butterfly art wall-art-v8iq.jpg photo
art picture wall art man uniform wall painting
bread wall wall painting stork man rowing art
olympiasieger dragon painitng art
flowers dog fish fruits
hands art landscape art
kite music human woman
weissenbach wall people decoration
decoration tradition nature animals
flowers art on wall tower painting
sport running letters homer soldiers art painting