Val Thorens


Val Thorens is part of the Trois Vallées ski area which in total provides skiers with over 600km of piste, making it the world’s largest linked ski area.

In addition to the summer skiing, the resort’s high altitude and the north and northwest-facing slopes make for a long ski season – usually, from mid-November till early May. Val Thorens boasts 68 marked pistes as well as 5 terrains for bordercross, quarter pipes and jumps.

Interesting fact: the Cime de Cameron cable car can hold 150 passengers, making it the largest cable car in the world.

There is a wide variety of accommodation at Val Thorens. The five-star Hotel Fitz Roy is located at the top of the mountain, at 2,300m, which places it in the group of the highest hotels in Europe and affords panoramic views of the surroundings. It is luxurious, providing a gastronomic restaurant and spa amongst other things. Another luxury hotel is the brand new Hotel Koh-I-Nor, also five-star, which prides itself on the amount of light pervading the interior.

Away from the exclusive, high-altitude hotels you can find chalets closer to the resort centre which can accommodate larger groups. Chalet Altitude (20 apartments) is in the quiet Les Balcons area, while higher up, chalets like Les Chalets du Soleil (8 apartments) can be found. Both provide mini-spa areas and a cosy setting with real log fires.

There are also privately rented properties available for use year-round, as well as the possibility to bring your camping car during the summer, so there really is an accommodation option for everyone, whether you come to ski, hike, climb, mountain bike or even fish.

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