Trucker and Country Festival


The 14th International Trucker and Country Festival held in Interlaken, Switzerland at the end of June 2007 once again starred some 30 top country and rock bands including the Bellamy Brothers, Carlene Carter and Heather Myles. As well as a huge festival marquee, four stages dotted around the “Western Village” provided almost non-stop musical entertainment.

Over 1500 trucks and 6000 motorbikes roared in from all over Europe, some from as far away as Finland, to line up along the runways of Interlaken’s former military airfield. Spectators were treated to a power show on two wheels including a thrilling stunt show by Germany’s Chris Pfeiffer, the Streetbike Freestyle World Champion. Urs Erbacher from Basel put on another display of power with his 8000 hp Dragster – sensational sights and sounds!
The warm, sunny weather helped to attract some 50,000 people of all ages to Interlaken’s weekend of music and motors with a country & western atmosphere. 

The “Western Village” also had numerous stands, some with western-style clothes for would-be cowboys and cowgirls and hundreds more offering trucker-type food – sausages, burgers and beer.
As this popular event drew to a close at 18.00 hrs on Sunday, the clouds thickened and a storm swept over the area. Fortunately far too late to put a dampener on the fun!

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