Train Station, Zug


At the end of November 2003, Zug's new train station was opened with a large permanent light installation by the renowned American artist James Turrell. For the some 20,000 commuters entering and leaving Zug (Switzerland) by train daily, the station serves as a new gate to the city.

The rebuilding of the train station, originally constructed in 1863–64, cost around 65m Swiss francs (over £42m or almost €54m). It covers approximately 6,500 square metres. Zug station is home to retail stores, provides shelters for cycles, and offers internet stations and Wifi. There are seven tracks in total, only one of which is a terminating track. Although Zug is a small town, it is well connected via this train station, with connections to Zurich and Zurich Airport, Lucerne, and the Arth-Goldau line, not to mention an international line to Milan.

Each night, from sundown to 11pm, the light display is illuminated. This fantastic feature consists of fluorescent tubes mounted on the south-facing glass façade. It can create patterns in red, green and blue and mixes of colours, too, as the primaries switch position in a fluid, flowing movement. The positions of the tubes highlight not only the outward-facing blinds but also the upper-floor parapets, the blinds on the inside and the roof.

The designer James Turrell is known for his works which primarily revolve around light and space. Born in California in 1943 to an aeronautical engineer father and doctor mother, Turrell studied mathematics, geology and astronomy. He also learned to fly by the time he was 16, and spent a year in jail for his anti-Vietnam War efforts. His most famous work is the still-in-progress Roden Crater in Arizona, which he is transforming into a naked-eye observatory. The Zug station display was one of Turrell’s first permanent public installations.

In 2005 Zug Station was awarded a Brunel prize for this light display and for its architecture.

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