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The textures shown in these pictures are from a wide variety of objects and have nothing to do with textures in the sense of the surfaces of textiles. They include rusty metal, concrete paving, wood chippings, wall cladding, rendered walls, metal profiles, wooden fencing and even the mesh of netting. Although all quite different and not designed to be particularly pleasing, they have one element in common: they form a pattern, which the Oxford dictionary defines as β€œan arrangement or sequence regularly found in comparable objects or events.” Perhaps in this case it should be described as elements which repeat themselves with some regularity on the surface of any material.

Whatever the description, a textured or patterned surface is pleasing to the eye – a blank surface is totally boring and one of the reasons why wallpaper was invented.

rust-i3r4.jpg (112734 Byte) wall-uzxm.jpg (97016 Byte) floor-v5q.jpg (194051 Byte) rusting-5wb.jpg (188878 Byte)
grid-zv4.jpg (161486 Byte) wood-chip-co2.jpg (302699 Byte) texture-bt3q.jpg (150766 Byte) net-h1no.jpg (268215 Byte)
texture-uj21.jpg (292998 Byte) red-white-5x31.jpg (86887 Byte) wall-i83w.jpg (338422 Byte) texture-z3y.jpg (126819 Byte)
wall-ckw8.jpg (212168 Byte) corrugated-iron-zt3b.jpg (185836 Byte) wall-holes-i2n.jpg (94702 Byte) wall-hqn4.jpg (411626 Byte)
texture-7z2.jpg (232632 Byte) texture-gsw6.jpg (178906 Byte) white-g3q.jpg (264672 Byte) texture-85f3.jpg (172888 Byte)
texture-827d.jpg (211944 Byte) texture-e2y9.jpg (119704 Byte) texture-j8e1.jpg (242420 Byte) pattern-7e1.jpg (154467 Byte) background photo
pattern-62q.jpg (331655 Byte) picture stones-83y.jpg (253840 Byte) wall-7n2.jpg (221677 Byte) wall-n72.jpg (140502 Byte)
wall-texture-726.jpg (272507 Byte) image wooden-board-zn4.jpg (242910 Byte) wall-mcek.jpg (275046 Byte) cobblestone-r2nq.jpg (257452 Byte)
texture-un6x.jpg (160832 Byte) wall-qly9.jpg (148904 Byte) concrete-hg8q.jpg (109977 Byte) background-z46r.jpg (179030 Byte)
cullet-x4v1.jpg (404765 Byte) background-hbe4.jpg (124805 Byte) birch-b5yo.jpg (248536 Byte) texture-stones-z3b.jpg
texture-wall-t5s.jpg wall-r39q.jpg wall-vtr3.jpg texture-3ca.jpg
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