All things technical are fascinating to some, boring to others and a mystery to many more. However, whether or not you find the workings of machines of any interest, these pictures create patterns which may intrigue even the least technically minded. Big-bore pipelines disappearing into the distance, ship’s propellers, hydraulic pipelines, compressors, bright, shiny diesel engines, bright red and bright blue turbine wheels, bright yellow excavators, polished crankshafts, gauges, nuts and bolts, cranks and handles.

Even the mud and rust has a certain appeal. Admittedly the aesthetic aspects are not always immediately apparent. But even if you don’t see them, or are not in the least mechanically minded, it’s hard not to appreciate the progress made by engineering since the manufacture of Lucky Susy, the steamroller pictured here. Or to appreciate the engineering skills that went into the ship’s engine, built in 1906 and still going strong!

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