The Syrian Arab Republic lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, bounded by Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south and Israel and Lebanon to the west. Syria has had a chequered history with numerous military coup attempts between 1949 and 1970. The country has been governed by the Baath party since 1963, although military and political strongmen effectively hold the reigns. Syria is a country of diverse landscapes ranging from cultivated cotton fields, olive groves, vineyards, palm-tree oases and magnificent mountains to Mediterranean shores and golden desert sands. Visitors to the country will find a wealth of historic and religious sites, a wide variety of touristic options and Syrian cuisine that is rich and varied. The Syrians are a hospitable people, open-minded towards foreigners following a centuries-old tradition of offering a warm-hearted welcome to guests. Ahlanwa Sahlan (You’re welcome) and Ma assalamah (May you go in peace) are phrases often heard and coffee or tea, a symbol of Arab hospitality, is frequently served; even by shopkeepers as you barter with them. These assets have attracted numerous regional and international bodies to hold their conferences in Syria. The many interesting places visited, photos of which are shown below, include Aleppo, Apameia, Bosra, Damascus, Maarrat, Masyaf and Palmyra.

syria-1002.jpg (137556 Byte) Sednaya syria-1024.jpg (130073 Byte) Krak des Chevaliers syria-1026.jpg (126578 Byte) Krak des Chevaliers syria-1030.jpg (128125 Byte) Tartus
syria-1037.jpg (148135 Byte) Saladin syria-1051.jpg (136496 Byte) Amrit syria-1062.jpg (165123 Byte) Masyaf syria-1065.jpg (205638 Byte) Masyaf
syria-1073.jpg (181186 Byte) Apameia syria-1076.jpg (145451 Byte) Apameia syria-1089.jpg (135032 Byte) Idlib syria-1097.jpg (162672 Byte) Ebla
syria-1102.jpg (153332 Byte) Maarrat an-Numan syria-1104.jpg (154532 Byte) Maarrat an-Numan syria-1109.jpg (124253 Byte) Maarrat an-Numan syria-2017.jpg (164905 Byte) Simeon
syria-2029.jpg (212879 Byte) Ain Dara syria-2030.jpg (174512 Byte) syria-2032.jpg (127446 Byte) Aleppo syria-2035.jpg (156678 Byte) Aleppo
syria-2043.jpg (160742 Byte) Aleppo syria-2046.jpg (214098 Byte) Aleppo syria-2051.jpg (126977 Byte) Aleppo syria-2057.jpg (126940 Byte) Aleppo
syria-2060.jpg (134907 Byte) Aleppo syria-2062.jpg (158635 Byte) Euphrat, Assad-Lake syria-2074.jpg (124564 Byte) Rusafa, Sergiopolis syria-2087.jpg (131620 Byte) Dura Europos
syria-2095.jpg (150421 Byte) Palmyra syria-2097.jpg (200225 Byte) Palmyra syria-2104.jpg (142726 Byte) Palmyra syria-2116.jpg (146481 Byte) Palmyra
syria-2119.jpg (106122 Byte) Palmyra syria-2123.jpg (124369 Byte)  Palmyra syria-2126.jpg (147849 Byte) Palmyra syria-2135.jpg (178859 Byte) Palmyra
syria-3002.jpg (189563 Byte) Harbaqa syria-3007.jpg (110221 Byte) syria-3012.jpg (118830 Byte) Hama syria-3015.jpg (125836 Byte) Qasr ibn Wardan
syria-3024.jpg (117597 Byte) Qasr ibn Wardan syria-3031.jpg (104409 Byte) Damascus syria-3044.jpg (119707 Byte) syria-3045.jpg (99665 Byte) basalt mine
syria-3055.jpg (219487 Byte) Bosra syria-3060.jpg (147459 Byte) Bosra syria-3062.jpg (165866 Byte) Bosra syria-3068.jpg (102143 Byte) Ezraa
syria-3081.jpg (151021 Byte) Damascus syria-3091.jpg (113915 Byte) Damascus syria-3098.jpg (122963 Byte) Damascus syria-3104.jpg (160854 Byte) Damascus
syria-3110.jpg (140120 Byte) Damascus syria-3113.jpg (151915 Byte) Damascus syria-3117.jpg (132548 Byte) Damascus syria-3119.jpg (116832 Byte) Damascus