As well as being Sweden’s capital and largest city, Stockholm is also often referred to as the capital of Scandinavia. After all, it’s located close to the heart of the region and is the largest city in the largest Scandinavian country. But that aside, Stockholm is a vibrant city with its inhabitants living life to the full throughout the year. There is always something new going on – new exhibitions opening, new plays, films and shows to see and as one event ends, another starts. The city has a remarkable range of museums and galleries and each year the world focuses on Stockholm for the Nobel Prize awards. Whatever your interests, whatever your preferences, Stockholm always has something exciting to experience. In recent years, the city has become a firm favourite for people seeking the latest in trends, culture, fashion, design, music and entertainment, not to mention great cuisine and an easy-going atmosphere. It is not surprising that Stockholm has become popular with gays and lesbians who demand more than just a restricted area with friendly bars. But Stockholm is more than just a buzzing city. Also known as the Venice of the North because of its location on the Stockholm archipelago, it is renowned for its natural beauty.