Mount Stanserhorn, Switzerland

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Free pictures of transport ancient and modern to the summit.
Mount Stanserhorn, height 1,898 metres (6, 227 ft) is mainly in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden, in the Uri Alps range. Amazingly, the public have been able to visit this mountain top by funicular railway, powered by electricity, and stay in the summit hotel since 1893. (The original hotel was destroyed by fire after a lightning strike in 1970; it was replaced by a revolving restaurant in 2001.) See pictures of the railway and the restaurant at the end of this webpage.

Getting there
The best way, as always in Switzerland, is to take public transport – in this case the train from Lucerne to Stans: from Stans station it is only a five minute walk (follow the walkway) to the funicular which will take you up to the intermediate station at Kälti. This first leg of your journey up the mountain is made in 120 year old wooden coaches, open to the elements. But it is at Kälti that the fun really begins, because there you change to the aerial cableway, the world’s first CabriO, a double-decker cablecar with an open platform on the roof on which you can stand out in the fresh mountain air for the six minute journey to the summit. (For those who would prefer NOT to ride with the wind in their hair, there is the option of the lower deck enclosed cabin.)

Stanserhorn Summit
At the top of the mountain you can take a 30 minute path around the summit, then the Rondorama awaits you – the first revolving restaurant to be built in Central Switzerland (2001) - which makes a complete circuit every 45 minutes. Up to 200 diners can enjoy table service as they watch the changing panorama of the Alps pass by: Pilatus and Lake Lucerne to the north, and the Bernese Alps to the south. There is also a self-service restaurant with tables outside, as the pictures show. For families, a small marmot zoo affords the chance to watch these charming little animals.
Numerous hiking trails suitable for all levels of walker start on the mountain top, and rangers are on hand to advise you. It takes 4-5 hours to climb to the top of the mountain from Stans, and 3-4 hours to walk down, depending on the paths chosen.

Staying over
If you wish to spend at least a complete day on the Stanserhorn, there are 3-star hotels in Stans itself (Hotel Stanserhof, Hotel Stans-süd and Hotel Engel), as well as holiday apartments and other hotels in nearby resorts.
Please note: Stanserhorn summit is not open in winter.

Finally, if you are wondering what the metal, pyramid-like structure in the photographs of the summit is, the answer is that it marks a triangulation point, vital to the original surveying and mapping of Switzerland, but now obsolete due to satellite technology. 

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