Simon Ammann


Swiss Double Olympic Ski-Jumping Champion, Simon Amman and Olympic Ski-Cross Champion Mike Schmid were greeted frenetically by over 300 singing fans, the sound of cowbells, trumpets and a host of welcoming banners as they arrived, two hours late, at Zurich Airport from Canada. Despite the late arrival, the high-spirited mood of the fans never waned and their patience was rewarded with autographs and souvenir photos. Both Olympic champions were surrounded by cameras and microphones and there was so much noise that it was difficult to understand a word that was said. Simon Amman, wearing his typical white Simi sunglasses and orange cap, spoke of an overwhelming welcome, “An incredible feeling for which I can hardly find the right words.” After posing for photographs holding up his two gold medals and with the broad smile now known across the globe, the 28-year-old champion set off for his home village of Unterwasser in Toggenburg, eastern Switzerland. Toggenburg had been infected by a serious case of Simi fever for days and “Good Luck” placards adorned the village, Simi bread was on sale at the local bakery and of course sales of Simi sunglasses went through the roof!

The reception began with a procession through the village with Simon Ammann and his trainer, Martin Künzle escorted by Swiss-wrestling champions, Jörg Abderhalden and Nöldi Forrer. The celebrations continued until late in the evening, in a hall filled with some 3000 fervent Simi fans.

arrivals Kloten simon-ammann-115.jpg cow bells simon-ammann-117.jpg
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