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A shadow is a dark shape, e.g. on the ground or a wall, caused by an object or person,  blocking light. Like a silhouette, the shape of the shadow is a two-dimensional projection of the object.
For non-point sources of light, the shadow is divided into the umbra and penumbra. The wider the light source, the more blurred the shadow. If there are multiple light sources there are multiple shadows, with overlapping parts darker. For a person or object touching the surface, like a person standing on the ground, or a pole in the ground, these converge at the point of touch.

shadow-ifgrte.jpg (266679 Byte) shadow-88l3.jpg (337843 Byte) shadow-b0l3.jpg (297275 Byte) shadow-bjn3.jpg (222979 Byte)
shadow-glas-hkfj.jpg (104202 Byte) shadow-snow-06z3.jpg (167136 Byte) shadow-9khq.jpg (126555 Byte) shadow-wall-j89w.jpg (128903 Byte)
shadow-stromkabel-4e.jpg (101875 Byte) shadow-snow-ghs3.jpg (184075 Byte) shadow-lo9l3.jpg (298454 Byte) shadow-iin3.jpg (278072 Byte)
shadow-bl2a.jpg (210038 Byte) shadow-2q8i.jpg (180411 Byte) shadow-hjgt.jpg (262305 Byte) picture shadow shadow-1il6.jpg (240385 Byte)
rose-shadow-6zt.jpg (131913 Byte) flower image shadow-tree-rif.jpg (176545 Byte) shadow-mall-dk8q.jpg (117673 Byte) glass roof shadow shopping mall shadow-l45q.jpg (134498 Byte)
shadow-4n7d.jpg (139655 Byte) zebrastreifen shadow-8l3q.jpg (222310 Byte) shadow picture shadow-x8i3.jpg (123090 Byte) shadow-snow-uuhq.jpg (180230 Byte)
bottles-shadow.jpg (142255 Byte) picture shadow bottle shadow-h9o2.jpg (137856 Byte) photo shadow ashtray-f8r2.jpg (141240 Byte) shadow-u4te.jpg (164451 Byte) picture shadow glasses
shadow-f5vd.jpg (132806 Byte) shadow on the wall shadow-hy7m.jpg (221762 Byte) shadow trees shadow-10wp.jpg (157393 Byte) photo shadow shadow-g6y.jpg (195683 Byte)
shadow-xi3m.jpg (279565 Byte) engelberg-226.jpg (171697 Byte) shadows-0n4q.jpg (190811 Byte) photo shadow on the street shadow-woman-7f8.jpg (113353 Byte)
shadow-v6wl.JPG (166778 Byte) street shadow shadow-4c5.jpg (147283 Byte) shadow-5t3.jpg (124014 Byte) shadow-b7n6.JPG (119668 Byte)
shadow-84rf.jpg (69194 Byte) snow photo shadow shadow-j5t3.jpg (297699 Byte) shadow on the street balcony-shadow-29.jpg stock photo
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