Seleger Moor - Enchanting Man-made Landscape


Seleger Moor Park consists of 120,000 m2 of beautiful moorland situated in Rifferswil south of Zürich in Switzerland.

The natural moorland, created thousands of years ago when the Reuss and Linth glaciers merged and deposited moraine, was turned into today’s beautiful landscape by Robert Seleger.

Seleger was the project leader of the 1953 Zürich Spring Flower Show, and in his search for plants and trees for the project, he discovered that the moorland soil was exactly the same as in areas of Germany and Holland where rhododendrons are cultivated. That year he acquired a small area of the moorland and planted his first rhododendrons.
After a harsh winter in 1956, which killed most of his plants, Seleger set off in search of hardier species from higher altitudes, discovering them in various parts of the world.

Ten years later Robert Seleger had created the landscape which can be enjoyed today. With the addition of streams and ponds, water lilies and other aquatic plants were introduced. There is now a peony garden and a fern collection to enjoy as well. During May, the main flowering season, Seleger Moor is transformed into a remarkable kaleidoscope of colour. With its level paths and wheelchair access, Seleger Moor can be enjoyed by all.

Since Seleger’s day, Park Seleger Moor has been developed as a family attraction, with a pub and family barbecue area. Themed adventure days with expert guides are held, and tours of one of Switzerland’s largest collections of azaleas and rhododendrons can be arranged.
seleger-moor-xh71.jpg (247786 Byte) Lily pads floating in the sun on black water  moor.jpg (386485 Byte) seeleger-moor.jpg (416672 Byte)
Flowering rhododendrons surround formal beds with planted stumps Glossy green lily pads float on black water  Beautiful pink bloom stands out against dark glossy leaves  Wide-angle shot of pond with marginal vegetation in the foreground 
Low angle shot of lily pads down the pond Dark pond with lily pads in foreground backed by various trees  wide-angle view of pond with red lily leaves floating, bordered by green rushes  beautiful fern leaves unfurling in the full sun
 dramatic broad leaves of bog plants with flowering spathes spectacular bronze-purple foliage of almost prehistoric character the endless variety of forms of leaf is displayed in this quiet clearing bold red petals make this a most striking rhododendron flower
towering silver birch takes pride of place in this lily pond this flowering rhododendron is displayed against a backdrop of forest trees yellow-hued frog is strikingly captured amongst wine-coloured lily pads this ancient species creates a prehistoric scene in a tranquil clearing 
seleger-moor-a48a.jpg (211999 Byte) seleger-moor-zur5.jpg (256647 Byte) trees-7ue3.jpg (247834 Byte) seleger-moor-aq9d.jpg (206641 Byte)
Tranquil pond with flowing rhododendron bushes and silver birch trees beyond Fluffy baby duckling shelters amongst the sunlit pond-side vegetation Dramatic bog-plant leaves are back-lit in sunny clearing Shiny frog basks in sun on bright green lily pad
Bright yellow spathes of this bog plant illuminate the pond margin Broad leaves thrusting skyward dominate this green bank  white narcissus with cheerful red-tinged trumpets nod in the gentle breeze and spring sunshine Fisherman’s waders are crucial for tending these water plants 
Ancient tree fern creates elaborate silhouette patterns in this shady clearing  Sunlit paper-like purple petals seen in close-up highlighting striking individual stamens Close-up view of saxifrage plants reveals a forest in miniature  Fat bud housing a soon-to-be-revealed rhododendron flower
Watercourse with wide selection of marginal plants  shallow pond dotted with bronze water-lily leaves  Red and white rhododendron bushes line a flagged path Pale pink lily flowers open amid their glossy floating leaves 
White rhododendron flower with red spotted throat Clearing dominated by giant plant leaves  Wooden stump covered in bright green moss in the middle of a pond  Rhododendron bushes in flower above wooden bench 
Inviting path wanders between flowering rhododendron A grove of flowering bushes in shades of red orange and yellow Man wades up to his waist in pond tending plants  Close-up of pink water-lily bloom 
Yellow sign warning to beware of the ducks crossing the path Upright fern leaves in full sun Delicate white blooms emerge in the spring sunshine Delicate pale-blue flowers stand out against finely-cut green foliage
Rhododendron bushes beside path Green foliage and flowering bushes surround a quiet pond  Close-up study of bright yellow rhododendron flowers An inviting path through the blossoming rhododendrons
Vista across a glade of rhododendron bushes  Close study of purple rhododendron bloom Close study of lily leaf in pond Bog plant with striking yellow spathes
Close study of hairy red leaves  Backlit white bloom showing striking red stamens with black tips Red petals burst forth from rhododendron bud  Water lily plants against inky-black water background 

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