Sculptures, like all other art forms are vastly varied. And in some cases simply vast. Some have a wide appeal. Others are met with a puzzled shaking of the head. But that is the essence of art – what was the sculptor thinking when he spent hour after hour creating a three-dimensional "something" which only he or she could possibly understand? Try as hard as you like, stand there for hours and you will still not fathom it out – a bit like Stonehenge. But that is not to say that the sculpture is not pleasing to the eye – after all, it’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is of course if art has to be beautiful. Other sculptures are clear and precise, an easily recognised form, a true likeness. Created by skills that can be appreciated and admired by all. Sculptors create works ranging from the abstract to the lifelike, as do painters. Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said "Art is anything you can get away with!" But is it quite simply that art can be anything to anybody and is merely a matter of taste? After all sculpture is one of the oldest forms of art and early human beings were hardly thinking of what they could get away with!

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