Many years ago most children just played in the streets where they lived, using dustbins as goal posts, house walls to draw cricket wickets on and the road for hopscotch and skipping. But with increased traffic and a more wealthy and safety-conscious society, came see-saws, roundabouts, swings, slides etc. installed in various shapes and forms in designated playground areas. And so the playground as we know it today was born. At first, each piece of equipment was an individual item but over the years, the playground has gradually developed into combinations of equipment built around small towers with platforms leading to rope bridges, rope ladders and other “escape” routes.

Materials have also changed with far more plastic now being used, such as for long, curved tunnels to slide through. Safety has also been improved over the years with softer, flexible matting replacing hard concrete slabs or gravel. But the kids don’t care as long as they can let off steam. The only ones that notice the changes are their parents.

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