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Still Life

With still life photography you can be completely in charge. You can set the scene. You can arrange the lighting. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. No influence from the weather, no patience needed waiting for just the right light, no need to coax the sitter in order to get the perfect portrait. It’s all in your own hands. However, that can make it all the more demanding! The first thing to consider is the subject - and the list is endless. Many objects around the home can make good still-life subjects. Look for interesting combinations of shapes, colours and textures. If you are shooting indoors, you’ll need a table of some sort, a variety of backgrounds, lighting (tungsten or flash), diffusers and a tripod for your camera. You can of course also shoot outdoors. There is a wealth of subjects: an interesting door or window, bizarre forms on a sandy beach, rock formations, the bark of a tree. There are so many things around us that provide excellent opportunities; we just need to keep our keen photographic eyes open.

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