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Sports photography

To get good quality sports shots you have to be able to get close to the action and this is where press photographers score; with their passes they have far more opportunity to get into to the right position to take quality photos. They also have the right equipment, in particular very expensive telephoto lenses. You also need to be familiar with the sport. This means knowing where the best spot is likely to be to capture the action. Another and even more important factor in knowing the sport is timing, because you have to be ahead of the action. For example: if you wait for the footballer to head the ball before pressing the shutter, the chances are that the ball wont even be in the photo. You have to press the button early enough for the cameras mirror to flip up and the shutter open and close. Sport photography is all about timing, reaction, being in the right place at the right time and a fair portion of luck and most of that is a matter of experience.
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