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Travel photography
Photography is an art not a science, in spite of the technical challenges and opportunities involved, and one of the key elements is to have a good eye for that special picture – something that may be as innate as learned. One tip is to avoid the cliché, the view that everybody takes (many, perhaps too many, in selfies): on a recent trip up the mountain to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, our Brazilian guide wanted to tell us exactly which paving stone the subject and the photographer needed to stand on so that the outstretched arms of the Christ figure appeared to embrace the visitor. It made a charming picture – but of course practically identical to everybody else’s.

So first of all, for that special picture, tune your eye in for something different from the chocolate box view to be found on practically every postcard. Look closely to see where the unique features of this particular environment lies: so you may come home with “the doors of Dublin”, “the windows of Venice” or “domes of mosques of Istanbul”.

One way in to the soul of a country could be to be aware of contrasting cultural features from the ones you are used to at home. This could lead you to take a series of close-ups of old people’s faces (possible without causing offence if you have a long enough lens); or to make a collection of the ancient American cars that do duty as taxis in Havana; or compare Rio Carnival and Venice Carnivale in pictures. A line of people queueing for water could make more powerful viewing than any number of photos of typical landscape. Fishermen floating on lorry inner tubes while manipulating hand-held nets, might say more about people’ very different lives than any amount of travel writing and statistics.

Then there’s a lot of variety of pictures to be had in weather: storms, tornados, unusual cloud formations can all make great pictures. Sunsets can vary more than you might think, and the Northern Lights, if you are lucky enough to see them, show up better on a camera’s screen than with the naked eye.
Cameras are so cheap and available, and anyway nearly everybody has one on their phone, that your travel photos have to be something special to be of interest to anybody else. 1.3 million visitors went to the prehistoric stone circle in the south of England known as ”Stonehenge” (2017) 10.8 million tourists visit Switzerland in a year. If all of them took several hundred, or even a thousand pictures while travelling (not including selfies), then it adds up to ….. well, an awful LOT of photos.

Free pictures on this page include:

Towns and cities of Germany: Weimar and Erfurt; Friedrichshafen, Bad Saeckingen, and Mainau Island in Lake Constance. Austria: Lienz; UK: East Anglia, Isle of Skye.
Plus iconic sights like Concorde, Stonehenge, an Icelandic glacier, snow cats.

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Weimar, Germany   Erfurt   Friedrichshafen       Bad Saeckingen  
Weimar   Erfurt   Friedrichshafen   Mainau   Viktualien Markt   Bad Saeckingen   Christmas Market
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Monkeys   Lake Dwellings   Hockenheim-Ring   Donkey Derby   Lienz   Alphorn   Trees
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