Parking Signs


Whether you drive a Mini or a Mercedes, a Ford or a Ferrari, a Mazda or an Aston Martin: these parking signs are a “must-have” if you want your private parking space to be noticed! (Seen on sale at London’s Portobello Road). Jaguar, Mercedes, Beetle, Volvo, Ducati, Triumph, Audi, Mini, Vespa, Land Rover, Harley parking only.
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car-park-plate-04.jpg (139182 Byte) car-park-plate-08.jpg (106638 Byte) car-park-plate-13.jpg (173351 Byte) car-park-plate-03.jpg (118535 Byte)
car-park-plate-06.jpg (110096 Byte) car-park-plate-12.jpg (167971 Byte) car-park-plate-11.jpg (164880 Byte)
car-park-plate-10.jpg (135745 Byte) car-park-plate-09.jpg (127663 Byte) car-park-plate-05.jpg (120891 Byte)