Once the sun has set, many photographers simply pack up their cameras and go home. But night time photography has an appeal of its own. Total darkness is not necessarily ideal for many night-time subjects: late dusk is usually an excellent time to take night shots. On some compact cameras, the flash fires automatically but the range is very limited and thus only suitable for close-up subjects. Some cameras have a special night-time programme which fires the flash to light up objects or people near the camera and the shutter then remains open to correctly expose the background. However to get a sharp background, the camera must be mounted on a tripod.

To fully explore night-time photography you need a camera on which you have total control over shutter speeds and aperture sizes. Most SLR cameras have shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds and then a bulb mode in which you can hold (or leave) the aperture open for as long as you wish. Once again a tripod is needed to keep images sharp, although handheld shots can give some interesting wiggly lines, as seen in one or two of the photos below.
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