These photos were received from a friend of a friend, who some time ago spent a holiday in Morocco. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out exactly were they were taken. Nevertheless we hope they are of use…

Known as ‘The Kingdom of a Thousand Kingdoms’ Morocco is far more than just rolling sand dunes. The landscape varies dramatically: from serene sandy beaches and medieval cities nestling in and around rolling green hills to rugged peaks that give way to the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert. Moroccan cities have a certain romantic feel and offer their own kind of culture, such as Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque, Rabat’s Royal Palace or Tangier’s Museum of Moroccan Art. The markets and souks of Marrakesh, with their exotic sights, sounds and aromas - and complete with snake charmers - are amongst the most exciting on the African continent. The Medina of Fez has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage. Morocco has an ancient tradition of hospitality and travellers will feel very welcome. Morocco’s beauty and cultural diversity, excellent tourist infrastructure with first-rate modern hotels and resorts and great golf courses make it one of the world’s most stimulating holiday destinations.

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