Michaelskreuz Memorial Race


Between 1923 and 1933, six hill-climb races took place near Lucerne, Switzerland, on the road from Gisikon – Root up to Michaelskreuz, the site of a church of the same name. The event started out as a race for racing bikes and motor cycles, but it was amateur racing driver Alois Muff, a local Swiss folk musician, who brought fame to the race - and himself. 

Muff drove his Bugatti 35 up the 3.8 km stretch as an opener to the last race on 9 July 1933. Unfortunately he drove with such enthusiasm that he crashed into a tree and his beloved Bugatti ended with its nose in the air. Although Muff was unhurt, it put an end to the Michaelskreuz race for over 70 years. Not much is known of Alois Muff, who died in 1939at the early age of 34.
In 2004 a number of enthusiasts got together and founded The Circle of Friends Michaelskreuz Memorial Race 2005. The event took place on 8 & 9 October 2005 and although this was not a race, some drivers thrilled spectators with a lot of very noisy acceleration. Sweet music to some ears!
The around 160 cars including Alois Muff’s Bugatti 35, long since lovingly restored and honoured with the coveted No. 1 start number.

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