This long-distance running race owes its name to the legendary Greek soldier Pheidippides. It’s said that he was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to bring the message to the Senate that the Persians had been defeated at the Battle of Marathon. And having run the entire distance without stopping, he collapsed and died after delivering his message – “We have won!” 
The marathon is one of the original disciplines of the modern International Olympic Games, the first of which was held in 1896 following the formation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894.

Initially the length of the marathon was not set, all athletes simply covered the same distance of about 40 kilometres. The official standard length was first set at 42.195 kilometres or 26 miles 385 yards in 1921. 

Today, over 800 marathons are held across the globe with the vast majority of competitors being purely recreational athletes. City marathons have now become extremely popular and attract many thousands of participants. These marathons are also often used as money-raising events, with competitors of all shapes and sizes dressed as carrots, chickens, rabbits and such like or even merely “wearing” a G-string.

The top five city marathons are Boston, New York City, Chicago, London and Berlin. These make up the biannual World Marathon Majors series. The current (August 2008) world records are held by Ethiopian, Haile Gebrselassie with a time of 2h 4:26 set in Berlin and Britain’s Paula Radcliffe with 2h 15:25 set in London.

The pictures below were taken at the Zurich Marathon, Switzerland.

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marathon-19.jpg (153888 Byte) marathon-20.jpg (158344 Byte) sport marathon-17.jpg (130931 Byte) marathon-18.jpg (105344 Byte)
marathon-33.jpg (148133 Byte) marathon-21.jpg (147230 Byte) runners marathon-23.jpg (115874 Byte) marathon-24.jpg (165157 Byte)
marathon-25.jpg (100555 Byte) marathon-31.jpg (112370 Byte) running marathon-41.jpg (146702 Byte) marathon-32.jpg (128499 Byte) runner
marathon-48.jpg (173097 Byte) marathon-40.jpg (140900 Byte) marathon-34.jpg (110305 Byte) marathon-35.jpg (130579 Byte)
marathon-36.jpg (133813 Byte) marathon-37.jpg (152772 Byte) marathon-39.jpg (109820 Byte) marathon-38.jpg (117258 Byte)
marathon-42.jpg (121063 Byte) marathon-51.jpg (129474 Byte) marathon-43.jpg (212066 Byte) marathon-44.jpg (119585 Byte)
marathon-45.jpg (119697 Byte) marathon-50.jpg (135668 Byte) marathon-46.jpg (156428 Byte) marathon-47.jpg (112782 Byte)
marathon-52.jpg (137334 Byte) marathon-53.jpg (123191 Byte) marathon-29.jpg (113378 Byte) marathon-61.jpg (143383 Byte)
marathon-26.jpg (126234 Byte) marathon-27.jpg (131244 Byte) marathon-28.jpg (167150 Byte) finish marathon-30.jpg (131465 Byte)
marathon-62.jpg (103351 Byte) marathon-22.jpg (115090 Byte) marathon-49.jpg (157574 Byte) marathon-70.jpg (141288 Byte)