LADO is an ancient Slavic word frequently used as a refrain in old ceremonial songs from north-western Croatia, and is a synonym for words meaning "good", "lovable and "dear". 
LADO, the Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia was founded in 1949 in Zagreb as a professional national ensemble.
The ensemble’s 36 brilliant dancers, who are also excellent singers, can easily transform the folk dance group into a representative folk choir, while its 15 superb musicians can play some forty different instruments.
LADO’s impressive choreographic and musical repertoire honours original folk art and has brought the ensemble international fame. Because of the ensemble’s unique collection of valuable authentic national costumes (more than 1000), each concert is a fashion show of traditional Croatian costumes.

Maybe the best way to describe LADO is to repeat how the ensemble was described in one of its reviews: LADO’s performance tastes like water from a spring - clear, refreshing and vital, its image reflecting the individual, the whole nation and its culture.

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