Ko Samui


Ko Samui is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand, close to the mainland Surat Thani town. It is Thailand's second largest island, with an area of 228.7 kmĀ².
Until the late 20th century, Ko Samui was an isolated self-sufficient community, having little connection with the mainland of Thailand. 

Today, Ko Samui has a population of about 48000, and lives on a successful tourist industry, as well as exports of coconut and rubber. It even has its own international airport, with flights daily to Bangkok and other major airports in Southeast Asia. While the island presents an unspoiled image to the public perception, economic growth has brought not only prosperity, but changes to the island's environment and culture, a source of conflict between local residents and migrants from other parts of Thailand and other countries.
Ko Samui is mostly visited by holidaymakers, so its main appeal is its white beaches and warm sea, and it has plenty to choose from.

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