Keukenhof offers a spectacular sight with millions of tulips and other flowers. Keukenhof is located near Lisse, in the south of Holland. Lisse is a municipality comprising the village of Lisse and the small hamlet of De Engel. It is located in the heart of the bulb growing region, within easy reach of Schiphol Airport and close to the major cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and The Hague. Lisse has for centuries literally flourished through the cultivation and trade of flower bulbs, and continues to play a major role as the home of vast bulb fields, some of the countries most important bulb auctions and export companies. One of the most popular local attractions is Keukenhof Gardens, which displays 4.5 million tulips in some 100 varieties. But Lisse boasts other attractions as well as the flower trade. The village also offers a range of recreation, sport and culture, with the dunes, ocean and forests close by. Visit the Black Tulip Museum, take a boat trip or a bicycle tour or simply take it easy. If shopping is more your line, then Lisse has two modern centres with around 200 shops offering a wide array of speciality goods. The largest shopping centre is in the heart of the village, traffic free, partially covered and with good restaurants and welcoming pubs.

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