Jazz Night


First held in 1992, the annual Jazz Night in the Swiss town of Zug is famous far beyond the town and the canton of the same name. Over the years the initial somewhat improvised staging has developed into a professionally organized jazz festival. The Jazz Night draws around 9000 fans into the medieval lanes of the old town quarter. The music spans electro, afro, gypsy, funk, troubadour, pop and of course jazz, performed on numerous stages. The atmosphere is electric and bars and restaurants stay open all night.

These photos were taken at the 2008 Jazz Night, held on Thursday and Friday 21/22 August. Artists strutting their stuff included TBBO, The Clients, Five on Fire, Hotel Bossa Nova, Old Stoariegler, The Jazzburgers, Peter Hasler, Hazzdajazz, Edi’s Gras Band, Power of Funk and La 33.
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