Swiss Inline Cup


The Swiss Inline Cup is the largest inline skating series in the world and now holds World Cup status. In 2007, the eight race venues spread throughout Switzerland are: Basel, Weinfelden, Zürich, Sursee, Engadin, Einsiedeln, Zugersee, with the final in Biel. Categories range from a 3-km course for kids to the 42-km World Masters Races, one for women and one for men. Of course the events are all about speed and fitness, but are also fun-filled and known as “the festival on wheels for the whole family”.

These photos were taken at the Zurich event which took place on Sunday 17 June, with an open-air concert held the day before. The route ran through the centre of the lively city and along the shores of beautiful Lake Zurich. The men’s 35-km speed event was won in a mass sprint finish by 21 year old Joey Mantia, American inline super star and current Marathon World Champion, in 47.32.58. The women’s event was won by Italy’s Giovanna Turchiarelli in 56.31.00.

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