Hot Air Balloon Festival


The annual International Hot-Air Balloon Festival takes place at the end of February in Château-d'Oex, a French-speaking village between Gstaad and Lausanne in Switzerland. The festival, which lasts around a week, took place for the 31st time in 2009 and has long become a permanent fixture on the regional event calendar, attracting around 130 balloonists from some 20 counties with around 90 hot-air balloons in various shapes. The ideal microclimate has made Château-dOex the Alpine ballooning mecca. The festival has a range of fringe attractions, including fascinating exhibitions on the history of the sport, technical aspects and world records. 

A few technical terms: the part of the balloon into which hot air is injected is called the “envelope”. The basket, usually made of wicker, is effectively the cockpit. The balloon’s motor is an adjustable burner that runs on propane and injects hot air into the envelope. 

So how does it fly? Put simply, the heated air inside the balloon is lighter than the surrounding air, thus providing upward thrust. And how does it come down again? The parachute valve at the very top of the balloon is opened by a cord extending down to the pilot. He can allow hot air to escape, thus cooling the air in the envelope. To manoeuvre the balloon laterally, the pilot ascends or descends to catch the wind travelling in the required direction, as winds at different levels travel in different directions.

As you can see from these pictures, the festival provides a remarkable kaleidoscope of colour.

shop-h3w2.jpg (113437 Byte) hot-air-balloon-101.jpg (95440 Byte) hot-air-balloon-102.jpg (106245 Byte) hot-air-balloon-105.jpg (111250 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-107.jpg (95661 Byte) hot-air-balloon-103.jpg (101000 Byte) burner-k9i.jpg (101279 Byte) hot-air-balloon-104.jpg (109949 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-108.jpg (118135 Byte) hot-air-balloon-109.jpg (102827 Byte) hot-air-balloon-106.jpg (102320 Byte) hot-air-balloon-110.jpg (107973 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-112.jpg (157956 Byte) hot-air-balloon-115.jpg (124538 Byte) hot-air-balloon-113.jpg (116452 Byte) hot-air-balloon-114.jpg (115923 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-116.jpg (113892 Byte) hot-air-balloon-118.jpg (108617 Byte) hot-air-balloon-119.jpg (103546 Byte) hot-air-balloon-117.jpg (98953 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-121.jpg (99996 Byte) hot-air-balloon-201.jpg (106169 Byte) hot-air-balloon-120.jpg (113412 Byte) hot-air-balloon-202.jpg (94292 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-203.jpg (105972 Byte) hot-air-balloon-206.jpg (96479 Byte) hot-air-balloon-204.jpg (121382 Byte) hot-air-balloon-205.jpg (131853 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-209.jpg (105428 Byte) hot-air-balloon-207.jpg (119328 Byte) hot-air-balloon-210.jpg (116052 Byte) hot-air-balloon-211.jpg (125356 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-208.jpg (139764 Byte) hot-air-balloon-302.jpg (94738 Byte) hot-air-balloon-314.jpg (112832 Byte) hot-air-balloon-303.jpg (97814 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-304.jpg (107917 Byte) hot-air-balloon-301.jpg (101303 Byte) hot-air-balloon-305.jpg (96507 Byte) hot-air-balloon-306.jpg (96111 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-307.jpg (93014 Byte) hot-air-balloon-308.jpg (119411 Byte) hot-air-balloon-311.jpg (97839 Byte) hot-air-balloon-309.jpg (82935 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-317.jpg (88452 Byte) hot-air-balloon-321.jpg (86900 Byte) hot-air-balloon-312.jpg (109092 Byte) hot-air-balloon-313.jpg (126524 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-315.jpg (99503 Byte) hot-air-balloon-316.jpg (84757 Byte) hot-air-balloon-501.jpg (85900 Byte) hot-air-balloon-502.jpg (83892 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-318.jpg (110011 Byte) hot-air-balloon-503.jpg (90674 Byte) hot-air-balloon-319.jpg (96312 Byte) hot-air-balloon-320.jpg (98744 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-506.jpg (87648 Byte) hot-air-balloon-507.jpg (89720 Byte) hot-air-balloon-504.jpg (108203 Byte) hot-air-balloon-505.jpg (81589 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-509.jpg (84162 Byte) hot-air-balloon-508.jpg (92348 Byte) hot-air-balloon-510.jpg (94412 Byte) hot-air-balloon-511.jpg (88215 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-512.jpg (102888 Byte) hot-air-balloon-513.jpg (104351 Byte) hot-air-balloon-520.jpg (89761 Byte) hot-air-balloon-514.jpg (95822 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-524.jpg (109823 Byte) hot-air-balloon-523.jpg (83186 Byte) hot-air-balloon-517.jpg (99296 Byte) Nottingham hot-air-balloon-518.jpg (90498 Byte)
hot-air-balloon-519.jpg (93308 Byte) hot-air-balloon-522.jpg (101656 Byte) hot-air-balloon-521.jpg (103641 Byte) hot-air-balloon-515.jpg (111431 Byte)
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