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A port is a facility sited at the edge of an ocean, river or lake where vessels dock to load or unload cargo, see photos below. Ports have cargo-handling equipment including cranes and forklift trucks to load and unload vessels and warehouses for storage. These can be run by private companies or public bodies. Various types of processing plants are frequently sited nearby. Larger vessels are often manoeuvred in and out of the port by tiny tugboats. There are various types of ports. To name but a few: a seaport used for ocean-going vessels; a river port for river traffic; a fishing port particularly suitable for landing and distributing fish; a dry port, a yard used to place containers or conventional bulk cargo and usually connected to a seaport by rail or road; a warm water port which is ice-free in winter and a container port for containerized cargo.

A port is often confused with a harbour. A port is industrial, whereas a harbour provides boats with shelter and moorings. A harbour can be man-made or a natural feature.

harbour-08.jpg (137092 Byte) ship cranes harbour-07.jpg (150185 Byte) harbour-02.jpg (158865 Byte) harbour-13.jpg (143389 Byte)
harbour-04.jpg (131901 Byte) ship harbour-05.jpg (142191 Byte) port harbour-01.jpg (132000 Byte) ship, port harbour-06.jpg (140140 Byte) container
harbour-10.jpg (147870 Byte) harbour-11.jpg (143920 Byte) sand coal harbour-20.jpg (136499 Byte) ship harbour-09.jpg (169527 Byte) container
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harbour-17.jpg (142094 Byte) harbour-22.jpg (137992 Byte) container harbour-19.jpg (146227 Byte) harbour-23.jpg (118637 Byte)
harbour-18.jpg (120524 Byte) cranes harbour-03.jpg (136693 Byte) harbour-21.jpg (128190 Byte) harbour-31.jpg (134139 Byte) crane
harbour-25.jpg (137611 Byte) harbour-26.jpg (110981 Byte) refinery harbour-24.jpg (132589 Byte) harbour-27.jpg (152283 Byte) cargo
harbour-28.jpg (156359 Byte) harbour-36.jpg (120702 Byte) harbour-29.jpg (159857 Byte) harbour-30.jpg (112505 Byte)
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