Goescheneralp Lake


The Göscheneralpsee, as it is called in German, is an artificial lake in the municipality of Goeschenen in Canton Uri, Central Switzerland. The Goeschener Valley lies between two passes, the Susten and the Furka. The lake is about 9 kilometres from the village of Goeschenen, nestling at 1792 metres above sea level between three mountains, the Sustenhorn (3503 metres), Dammastock (3630 metres) and Galenstock (3586 metres). But this peaceful and picturesque location conceals a somewhat troubled past.

The lake was created in 1960 for the purpose of producing hydroelectricity and the inhabitants of the former Goeschener Alp were forced to move. Now their houses and church lie beneath the waters of the lake, which admittedly is now a superb area for fishing, hiking and biking. Several well-known mountain huts, such as the Damma Hut, can also be reached from here.

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