Geese in Formation


Taken at the Model Air Show 2004, in the Swiss Jura Village of Glovelier, these pictures show Christian Moullec in his ultralight aircraft leading his gaggle of geese. Playing follow-the-leader, the ten wild geese do what they do best - fly in formation. Flying in a ā€œVā€ formation, the leader reduces wind resistance enabling those following to glide more easily, thus increasing flight range by up to 70%.

I wonder if they look upon Christian Moullec as Super Goose!

Christian Moullec works with Voler Avec Les Oiseaux, an organization which aims to heighten awareness of the necessary protection of migratory birds. With Voler Avec Les Oiseaux, you can have an amazing spiritual experience by riding in a special two-seater aircraft, right alongside the geese, swans or cranes. The fee you pay will contribute to the conservation of certain endangered species like the Lesser White-Fronted Goose or the Siberian Crane by funding reproduction programmes.

The secrets of the navigation involved in the migration of birds like geese are still mostly unknown. Some birds seem to navigate by the stars, others by smell; some apparently sense changes in the magnetic field of the earth, while others follow preferred pathways, even man-made roads. Whatever the mystery, though, the fact remains that the thousands of miles involved in the usually twice-yearly migration of some species is a hazardous and exhausting business.

Not only are the birds tested physically and mentally, they also have to deal with predators, weather, and the threats posed by tall man-made structures and aeroplanes.

Overall, migration is a beautiful sight, and a mysterious and wondrous occurrence.

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