A flower is the reproductive organ of those plants classified as angiosperms. The function of a flower is to produce seeds. In botany, a flower is regarded as a modified stem with shortened internodes, bearing at its nodes structures that may be highly modified leaves. In essence, a flower structure forms on a modified shoot or axis with an apical meristem that does not grow continuously. The stem is called a pedicel, the end of which is the torus or receptacle. The parts of a flower are arranged in whorls on the torus.

Wild flowers, as the term suggests, are plants that have grown and established themselves naturally over a period of several years and have not been planted deliberately and are neither hybrids nor cultivars. Botanists dislike the term “wild flowers” as they find it too ambiguous and prefer using more defining terms such as “native” or “invasive” species.

Native species are those that occur and develop in a natural way, adapting to existing conditions within a specific situation for example in a very harsh climate or unusual soil conditions. Some plants are thus only found in certain areas, whilst others can survive in a variety of environments.

Various unique species are only found in certain areas across the world because of natural barriers such as deserts, mountains, oceans or major rivers. Even these barriers can be crossed however, with the aid of migratory birds, ocean currents and of course human travel.

Introduced species, also called alien, exotic or non-indigenous, are plants that grow outside their normal habitat and have been introduced by humans. These species can sometimes upset the natural environment into which they have been introduced by having an unfavorable effect on cultivation or even on the well-being of humans and animals. These plants are then described as invasive. But native species that become over-profuse in a certain habitat are also deemed invasive.

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