Fisheye Lens


The focal length of a 180° fisheye lens is very short - about 8mm and gives an extremely wide view, but the image it shows has “barrel distortion”. Horizontal and vertical lines bow considerably within the circular frame. In actual fact the image which it gives is not very far away from what we actually see. In reality, our eyes have quite a wide perspective but lose a lot of definition at the edges, which become distorted. With a fisheye lens, the least distortion occurs in the centre of the frame, so the main subject is best placed there. 

The fisheye also provides extreme depth of field and no focusing is needed. Everything is sharp, from foreground to infinity. The front of the lens has a very large diameter and is too large for filters, so built-in filters are not uncommon.

The weird and wonderful shots seen here were all taken with a Nikon 16mm fisheye lens.

clouds-fisheye-001.jpg (64149 Byte) fish eye clouds clouds-fisheye-002.jpg (85554 Byte) landscape-002-fisheye.jpg (162307 Byte) landscape-003-fisheye.jpg (256980 Byte)
river-fisheye-m52.jpg (259439 Byte) river fish eye clouds-fisheye-003.jpg (143621 Byte) fish eye lake landscape-001-fisheye.jpg (78767 Byte) fish eye sky road-fisheye-34q1.jpg (202466 Byte) street fish eye
garbage-fisheye-ij6.jpg (281978 Byte) crates-fisheye-glve.jpg (177950 Byte) fish eye picture fisheye-crate-otks.jpg (164588 Byte) photo fish eye tree-sky-j8z5.jpg (129096 Byte) Nikon 16 mm fisheye
table-tennis-fisheye.jpg (151760 Byte) shadow-people-lake.jpg (99183 Byte) fish eye image road-fisheye-ijb2.jpg (118396 Byte) fish eye pic sky-fisheye-si2g.jpg (106571 Byte)
chairs-jl3a.jpg (122263 Byte) picture chairs car-fisheye-9i8u.jpg (120652 Byte) fish eye pic fisheye-car-nm3q.jpg (144278 Byte) fish eye fisheye-landscape-l93w.jpg (117828 Byte)
fish-eye-f9ol.jpg (121464 Byte) building picture clock-fisheye-h8i7.jpg (176221 Byte) picture 16 mm lake-fisheye-j19a.jpg (187803 Byte) fish eye boats lake-fisheye-sky.jpg (106215 Byte)
truck-fisheye-j1m2.jpg (138400 Byte) fish eye foto bus-fisheye-h9i3.jpg (124754 Byte) fish eye fisheye-bus-94e.jpg (174965 Byte) fish eye truck-fisheye-jm31.jpg (160577 Byte) fish eye
building-fisheye-9o7.jpg (164703 Byte) fish eye shop-fisheye-j5y.jpg (96587 Byte) fish eye house-fisheye-cde3.jpg (108034 Byte) fish eye building-fisheye-inu.jpg (115287 Byte)
bench-fisheye-kl1q.jpg (191756 Byte) fish eye picture gallery building-io4w.jpg (128757 Byte) fisheye picture house field-fisheye-6zc.jpg (374947 Byte) fish eye pic gras-fisheye-8kf2.jpg (334279 Byte)
tv-fisheye-8n7.jpg (132097 Byte) fish eye railway-fisheye-8jc.jpg (243305 Byte) fish eye fisheye-bus-i6sb.jpg (118530 Byte) photo fisheye swimming-pool.jpg (144933 Byte) fischauge swimming pool foto fish eye
self-portrait-u7t5.jpg (142258 Byte) on the beach Park, fish eye golf club house-fla7.jpg (107517 Byte)
f16 photo wide angle fish eye image wide angle image