Fete des Vendanges


Vineyards have been cultivated on the hills surrounding the Swiss town of Neuchâtel for well over 1000 years. And for well over 80 years, the people of the town have celebrated their wines with a traditional vintage festival. The celebrations are held at around the end of September and last from Friday to Sunday, all day and all night. Vividly decorated lanes and squares in the town centre are filled with thousands of spectators who come to sample the wine and other refreshments on offer on the many stands and to enjoy the various parades and activities. A children’s parade takes place on Saturday afternoon, with the evening given over to a parade of local and guest bands. The extensive Vintage Festival procession parades through the streets on Sunday afternoon, with numerous beautiful, flower-filled floats, which share a common theme and are a tribute to the huge effort put into them by local associations. The event is of course a fun-filled festival and various groups in comical costumes have a great time entertaining the crowds.

fete-vendanges-04.jpg (136487 Byte) picture fete-vendanges-05.jpg (118205 Byte) fete-vendanges-02.jpg (145320 Byte) parade fete-vendanges-03.jpg (132666 Byte) music
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fete-vendanges-22.jpg (107688 Byte) fete-vendanges-23.jpg (159820 Byte) children fete-vendanges-21.jpg (112136 Byte) girls fete-vendanges-24.jpg (134607 Byte)
fete-vendanges-25.jpg (155841 Byte) flower float fete-vendanges-28.jpg (107589 Byte) fete-vendanges-26.jpg (143052 Byte) fete-vendanges-27.jpg (153036 Byte)
fete-vendanges-31.jpg (165541 Byte) fete-vendanges-29.jpg (134792 Byte) musicband fete-vendanges-32.jpg (146299 Byte) fete-vendanges-33.jpg (135639 Byte)
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fete-vendanges-37.jpg (176419 Byte) fete-vendanges-38.jpg (137351 Byte) whip fete-vendanges-39.jpg (168713 Byte) cowbells fete-vendanges-40.jpg (151484 Byte)
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fete-vendanges-46.jpg (151568 Byte) fete-vendanges-47.jpg (153031 Byte) fete-vendanges-48.jpg (151077 Byte) clock bikes fete-vendanges-51.jpg (148309 Byte)
fete-vendanges-49.jpg (130404 Byte) people fete-vendanges-44.jpg (146620 Byte) fete-vendanges-50.jpg (128256 Byte) fete-vendanges-84.jpg (148157 Byte) old uniforms
fete-vendanges-52.jpg (143307 Byte) fete-vendanges-53.jpg (138426 Byte) fete-vendanges-54.jpg (144975 Byte) flower horse fete-vendanges-55.jpg (163238 Byte)
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fete-vendanges-64.jpg (110326 Byte) fete-vendanges-65.jpg (163470 Byte) fete-vendanges-66.jpg (148336 Byte) flower fete-vendanges-67.jpg (136825 Byte)
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fete-vendanges-76.jpg (143827 Byte) yellow balloons fete-vendanges-77.jpg (169266 Byte) fete-vendanges-79.jpg (157007 Byte) girls fete-vendanges-78.jpg (126629 Byte) girl flowers
fete-vendanges-80.jpg (139409 Byte) fete-vendanges-82.jpg (159722 Byte) fete-vendanges-83.jpg (206664 Byte) shower confetti fete-vendanges-81.jpg (142169 Byte)
fete-vendanges-85.jpg (137227 Byte) fete-vendanges-88.jpg (164051 Byte) horses fete-vendanges-86.jpg (165828 Byte) flower wagon fete-vendanges-87.jpg (154406 Byte) flower girls