Basel Autumn Fair


Basel’s Autumn Fair dates back to the 15th century. On 11 July 1471 at the Regensburg Imperial Diet (parliament), Hannsen von Berenfels, Mayor of Basel was granted the “right to hold an autumn fair in perpetuity" by Emperor Frederick III.
The annual fair always begins 14 days before St. Martin's Day (11 November). At the stroke of noon on the Saturday before 30 October, the traditional Fair Bell of St. Martin's Church rings to signal the start of the event. The amusement fair lasts for 14 days and people come from far and wide to enjoy the brightly-lit fairground. The fair has a special ambience, fragrant with the aromas of sugar and spice. There are hundreds of stands selling goods, handicrafts and refreshments as well as many exhibition booths. The range of fairground rides is very varied and spread throughout the city, with new attractions appearing every year. The Basel Autumn Fair is the biggest joint fun & goods fair of its kind in Switzerland and the Upper Rhine region!
Basel, bordering on Germany and France, considers itself very fortunate: every autumn the city is transformed into a gigantic playground for all ages! If only time would stand still – at least until next autumn.

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