Doors and Gates


A door is an object shaped to shut off an access opening. It is generally hinged on one side – or in the case of a double door – on both sides, so that it, or they, can be swung to the side. Doors are found in buildings, vehicles, cupboards, various items of furniture, cages etc. Doors are attached to a frame, which in turn is attached to the edges of the opening. Doors can be made of glass, wood, metal or a combination of all three, sometimes even of concrete. Most doors, particularly those with locks, are of solid construction and intended to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Doors to buildings are often decorative, adding character to the main entrance. There are also so-called up-and-over doors, usually used for garages. These have a special mechanism whereby the door is lifted from the bottom and slides up under the ceiling of the garage. Roller-shutter doors are also available and, as the name implies, they roll up.

Gates are usually made of wood or metal, sometimes solid, sometimes in open construction allowing sight through to the other side. Gates are mostly used at entrances to driveways, farms, fields and gardens etc. 

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