Donkey Derby


Donkey racing rules are very simple – the fastest animal wins!
Even donkey doping is allowed and actually encouraged, so each team has its own tricks with carrots, sugar lumps or a sack of oats... It’s immaterial how the donkey driver gets his four-legged friend to the finish as quickly as possible. Pulling, pushing, persuading or even begging - everything is allowed except for actually ill treating the donkey. The main thing is that the donkey doesn’t just stand there being as stubborn as a mule! The 27th Hersbrucker Donkey Derby was held in 2007 with numerous heats and a final. Over 20 donkeys with their teams and drivers travelled to the derby to show off the racing talents hidden beneath their appealing appearance. But as we know, donkeys can be very obstinate and self-willed. And it often happens that the donkey does the pulling, not the driver! Great fun for the spectators along the course. At the end of the “long-eared Grand Prix” the two-legged winner only receives a cup but the donkey gets a lot of stroking and patting plus plenty of carrots!
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