Nuremberg Christmas Market


The Christmas market in Nuremberg’s main market square in the city centre is probably the most famous of them all. It begins each year at 5.30 in the afternoon on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday, and by Christmas Eve has attracted some two million visitors from all over the world. Stall holders present their traditional ware on some 200 stalls that are uniformly decorated with red and white striped awnings Offers range from spicy Nuremberg gingerbread and other bakery and sweet delights to a range of Christmas decorations, toys, and handcrafted items. Favourite buys include Nuremberg Plum People; small figures crafted from prunes. The Nuremberg Christmas market also has a long tradition as a stylish market: no gaudy fake-fir garlands, no loud non-stop music or carousels. Each year, stall holders compete for the coveted awards for the most attractive stalls: the gold, silver and bronze “Plum People”. The market, known as the “Little Town from Wood and Cloth” has featured as a setting in numerous TV productions.

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