Zurich University Botanical Gardens


Botany has a long tradition in Zurich, Switzerland. The construction of the first Botanical Garden began in 1833 when the university was founded. The Palm House, which still stands today, was built in 1851.

The building of a new Botanical Institute and Botanical Gardens began in 1972 and the project was opened in 1977. The new Botanical Gardens were not just designed with aesthetics in mind. Ecological aspects were also a vital factor. The gardens offer a variety of exotic plants, biotopes and impressive trees. As well as being a haven for nature-lovers, the gardens are also used for the preparation of plants for teaching and research, the preservation and production of endangered species, information services, exhibitions and guided tours for the public.

The Botanical Garden of Zurich currently covers an area of about 53,000m2 and boasts over 9,000 different species of plants. This huge range means that there is always something happening, whatever the season: singing frogs in the pond in springtime, fruits appearing in summer or an autumnal market.

There are the tropical glass houses – which underwent renovation from 2011 to 2013 and which are pictured in the last photos below – and there are different types of forest (mountain, lowland, native), native meadowland, a Mediterranean garden, an aquatic plants garden – even an area dedicated to carnivorous plants.

It’s no surprise the gardens welcome approximately 130,000 visitors per year.
As the Botanical Gardens are located in the city of Zurich, it’s easy to reach them by public transport. Just take Tram 11 to Hegibachplatz, or Tram 2/4 to Höschgasse, or Bus 33 to Botanical Garden. Make sure you don’t get confused with the Old Botanical Gardens, the site of the previous Botanical Gardens in Zurich which are now used for concerts, exhibitions and theatre. 
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