Birth Signs


In some parts of Switzerland it is tradition that on the birth of a baby, a sign is erected outside the family home announcing the name of the new arrival. The sign is placed in a prominent position: on the entrance door, balcony, a pole or even high up on a tree trunk that has been stripped of its bark and specially erected for the extra-special occasion. There are a number of companies that produce children’s nameplates with various subjects complete with name and date of birth.

The classic is of course the stork, but others show the baby on a tortoise, a rocking horse, tricycle or dolphin etc. Others are more specifically aimed at boys: on a skateboard, kicking a football, playing a guitar or driving a tractor. Girly signs show the baby dressed as a ballerina or princess complete with crown or with a caption such as Swiss Miss. Variety and imagination know no bounds and similar signs are also available as transparencies for the proud parents to adorn their house or even car windows.

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