Red Bull Air Race, Interlaken


The venues for the 2007 Red Bull Air Race World Series included such prestigious names as Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro and Monument Valley. In July 2007 it was Interlaken’s turn, with the race taking place in the mountains of Switzerland’s beautiful Bernese Oberland, where these photographs were taken. Around 6 million spectators follow the sensational races ‘live’ during the series – with even more following through the media. It takes about 350 tons of material and 350 international aviation experts to ensure the smooth running of the event at each venue. 

The air-race course is marked by pairs of air-filled pylons, just 20 metres high, through which the pilots fly their aircraft in a pre-given horizontal or vertical position – as fast as possible. These small high-performance planes can reach speeds of up to 400 km/h, subjecting the air aces to forces up to 10 times their own weight. Only the world’s aerobatic elite have the necessary skill and physical fitness to compete at such speed, against the clock and so close to the ground. And here they certainly have no time to admire the spectacular scenery!
The winner in Interlaken was Britain’s Paul Bonhomme, who was leading the 2007 series at that stage.
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